Improve your workflow with a ticketing system.

In the beginning a support ticketing system was a computer software package that had the role to manage and keep lists of issues, changes and requests dedicated to the IT environment. It was used in large or distributed collaborations and was bringing to the table a better time management and productivity.

This type of system has evolved so much since that moment, and now, you can increase your productivity or workflow in any domain.

So, how can a ticketing system, increase the productivity of a company. I have implemented and seen companies working so easy from domains like Travel, Acquisition, Labor Inspection, Events, Insurances and many others. This system can be adapted for your needs, on most domains and departments.

Main benefits of a ticketing systems:

  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Better customer communication
  • Customer communication history
  • Increased productivity
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Customer service standards (SLA)
  • Better high-volume requests organization

Here are few examples on how it can improve your work.

Case one – New employee

Let say that we have an onboarding team for new employees that must include a person from every one of these departments: IT, training, systems, administrative and accounting. When a new contract is signed, for a new employee, a request can be sent to our onboarding team via email.

The system will read from the email and create a ticket assigned to the team. Now, depending on what system we use, we can manage to create automatic tasks for every agent in the team. The requester, the HR department in this case, can easily view all follow-ups and ticket progress for every task. Communications can be done via tickets follow-up. When every task is completed, the ticket is closed, and the HR department is notified that everything is ready.

Case two – Travel request.

Let’s say that in our corporate environment we have a Travel Agency with 3 departments: ticketing, accommodations and visa department. A request is sent via email, from our customer that is requesting a holiday in in Thailand. A ticket is generated from the email request and a team-leader is assigning it to the ticketing and accommodation agents. After further investigation, our client needs also visa for this trip. The team leader will assign the ticket, our visa agent for the required paperwork. When his task is done, the other agents can finish the offer and issue travel documents.

Depending on the ticketing system you will use, you can create automations to increase an agent efficiency. Some good options are Freshdesk and Zendesk for cloud bases SaS or Zammad and UVDesk for self-hosted open-source platforms.

A ticketing system will aid you in finding issues in internal processes and will give a better perspective on problems that may affect your business productivity.